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What is Visia® Skin Analysis?

Visia Analysis is a cutting-edge skin assessment tool that delves beyond the surface, capturing key visual information from multiple layers of your skin. By utilizing advanced imaging and analytical technologies, it paints an intricate portrait of your skin’s health, detailing aspects from texture irregularities, UV spots, to wrinkles and discoloration.

But at Glam Jail, we don’t just stop at providing an analysis. We believe in marrying art with science. Using the detailed data derived from your Visia Analysis, our expert team crafts personalized skincare recommendations tailored precisely to your unique needs. The result? A skincare regimen that’s not only rooted in rigorous science and data but also intricately tuned to your skin’s distinct blueprint. With Visia and Glam Jail by your side, you’re on a journey to embrace the best version of your skin, driven by knowledge, expertise, and personalized care.

What it treats

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Nose
  • Under-Eye Area



Comprehensive Skin Insight

The Visia® Skin Analysis provides an in-depth look at your skin, revealing its strengths and areas needing attention. By identifying specific skin concerns early on, from UV damage to wrinkles and uneven textures, you’re empowered with knowledge, allowing you to take charge of your skin’s health.

Personalized Treatment Recos

No two skin types are alike. With the detailed insights from Visia, skincare and treatment regimens can be tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you get the most effective solutions to achieve radiant, healthy skin.


Tracking Your Progress

As you invest time and care into your skin, Visia® Skin Analysis acts as a progress tracker. By comparing results over time, you can see how your skin responds to treatments and products, celebrating improvements and adjusting as necessary.

Early Detection and Prevention

Visia® Skin Analysis doesn’t just show you the now; it forecasts the future. Potential problems lurking beneath the surface are identified, giving you a chance to address them proactively. By understanding what might be on the horizon, you can adopt preventative measures, ensuring your skin remains youthful and vibrant.



Visia Analysis evaluates several critical aspects of your skin’s health. This includes wrinkles, texture irregularities, UV spots, pores, red areas, brown spots, and bacteria. The comprehensive report provides insights into your skin’s age, health, and areas that may need special attention.

It’s best to come with clean skin, free of makeup, moisturizers, or sunscreens. This ensures the imaging system captures the most accurate representation of your skin. Avoiding excessive sun exposure or skin treatments a few days before the session can also provide more consistent results.

While Visia provides a detailed snapshot of your skin at a particular moment, skin changes over time due to various factors. At Glam Jail, we recommend undergoing the analysis every 3 months. This frequency allows us to track your skin’s progress and adjust treatments or skincare routines as needed.

While Visia is exceptional at analyzing the surface and some underlying layers of your skin, it’s primarily a cosmetic tool. It can highlight areas of concern, such as UV damage or bacterial growth, but it’s not designed to diagnose medical conditions. Always consult with a dermatologist for medical concerns.

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