Glam Jail®

Glam Jail provides its customers with medical aesthetic procedures specializing in the treatment of wrinkles, treatment of skin with dermal fillers and botox (botulinum toxin), reduction of localized fat depositions, dermaplaning, and chemical peels.


Glam Jail has sensitivity to people and their perception of themselves. We obsess over the lines, symmetry and diversity of faces and constantly replay thoughts of what we would do to improve their appearance. Our duty is to help patients celebrate their individual beauty. We intend to educate every patient on what they need and develop an individualized, realistic plan of care. Humans are not carbon copies. Every face deserves an extremely detailed aesthetic eye which is so important to identify the subtle areas of the face that need editing or support throughout the aging process.

At Glam Jail we follow specific calculated guidelines which work more on structural facial balancing. This in turn transforms the face into a more youthful, contoured natural appearance without the “puffy” or “overdone” look. Every patient gets an optional 2-week free follow-up to make sure you are satisfied. We are also always available to you via phone or email.

A very rewarding aspect of our work is connecting with people and their stories. Our souls light up when seeing our patients’ eyes brighten when they look at themselves in the mirror with a newfound confidence. When they leave with a gaze of gratitude and we feel like we have empowered them. We are artists with medical degrees and we are in love with aesthetic medicine.

We look forward to meeting you!